Vaia Car


In the railway industry with innovation, quality and creativity

Great results from over 50 years’ experience.
Since 1962 we have invested our skill and efficiency in industrial operating machines and machinery for the railway industry.

Utmost attention to every stage of the production cycle.
From design to mechanical processing, from dimensional check to assembly and final testing: the quality of our machines for the railway industry is the result of great care at every stage of the production process.

Cutting-edge technology for new solutions for the railway industry. Our zealous interest in new technologies has made us one of the leaders in the railway machinery sector.
We focus on the Customer and stakeholders.
Our commitment is understanding and meeting customer needs and market demands, always in compliance with the regulations of the destination countries.

We invest and grow continuously.
The great objectives we have achieved are the result of our constant drive towards growth and evolution, investing in human resources and production means to reach ever higher goals.

We write the history of the railway industry.
Every new frontier of the railway industry is a challenge for us and we respond by inventing new systems and machines that revolutionize the way of working in the railway industry.
"We make the history of the railway industry.
Every single day."