Vaia Car


A constant growth in the railway industry

The first steps
VAIA CAR is established as a sole proprietorship covering an area of 150m2 in the historic center of Calvisano. It employs about ten people and produces agricultural loaders and excavators.
The growth
The company grows and moves to a larger location. It begins to manufacture the first loader-excavators that will help to transform the world of national and European agriculture.
The economic boom and innovation
The demand on the Italian and foreign markets increases and VAIA CAR expands its influence: its operating machines are used in Italy and throughout Europe.

At the same time design and production systems modernize hand in hand with a constant expansion. Subsequently, the attention to technology and innovation allows VAIA CAR to grow more and more and to start the production of industrial self-propelled operating machines.
The turning point: the railway machinery.
VAIA CAR innovates its image and begins the production of machines and equipment for the construction and maintenance of railway lines.
From that moment on the company will experience constant growth.
Quality certifications
VAIA CAR obtains the important ISO 9001 certification by TÜV. Its continuous attention to innovation and technology, combined with the courage of investing to grow, has allowed VAIA CAR to achieve great results and gain all international markets.
Continuous expansion
The increasing demand in the railway sector leads to the expansion of the production area that in 2010 covers up to 10,100 m2.
Renewed commitment
We celebrate 55 years of activity together with our 90 employees and prepare for new challenges by entering the stock market as VAIA CAR S.p.A. (PLC)
New certifications
Through a process of continuous improvement, we obtain the ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 - 2007 certifications proving our commitment to the environment and the health and safety of our workers.
"VAIA CAR growth is perpetual".
The company does not fear new challenges and continues its expansion in the railway industry, towards ever higher goals,
focusing on creativity, advanced technology and the highest efficiency.